Peter Virdee- About

Prof. Peter Virdee was born in 1973. His parenting was done in Birmingham, UK in a middle-class Sikh family. He is always dedicated to the religious belief that led him towards Philanthropy work.  

Peter Virdee believes that “There is a big difference between “needs” and “wants”. If one gets more than their needs, then loses sight of their ambitions. My parents always made sure I never got an excess of anything. I always got what I really needed, but not necessarily all that I wanted, which I’m sure is the case for all youngsters – ones ‘wish list’ never ends” 

He serves as the first Sikh on the board of the English National Opera and the Coutts & Co. philanthropy committee. He is the one to follow his heart because he serves as an advisory board member for Nottingham Business School and a visiting professor at Manchester University. 

Prof. Peter Virdee has channeled his enthusiasm towards the nonprofit world. The 2011-founded Virdee Foundation was created with the intention of addressing the needs of women and children who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing mental, physical, or sexual abuse. One of the most gender-neutral faiths in the world is Sikhism. The objectives of the organizations Prof. Peter supports are quite obvious in this respect, but his basic precept in this area is to improve everyone’s life. 

Vijay Singla JTL Industries Limited: Biography

Vijay Singla was born on 26th December 1966. His father Mithan Lal Singla who is a well-known businessman living in Chandigarh.

Vijay Singla is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) with Director Identification Number (DIN) 156801. He is Indian and living in Chandigarh, India. He is listed in 3 Indian companies JTL Industries limited, Chetan Industries Limited and Mirage Infra Limited respectively.

Following are their current directorship holdings.

1: Vijay Singla joined JTL Industries Limited on July, 29, 1991 as a Whole-time director. JTL limited is the flagship company of the Jagan Group. The registered address of the company is SCF 18 19 FIRST FLOOR SECTOR 28 C CHANDIGARH CH 160002 IN.

The corporate office of the company is located at Chandigarh and the steel mill is located at Dera Bassi, Punja, India. JTL limited is the largest manufacturer of Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipes (ERW) including one of the largest manufacturers of Profile Pipes and Tubes in India with capacity to produce more than 1 Lakh 44,000 Tons annually.

2: Vijay Singla was appointed director of Chetan Industries Limited on 20-09-1999. 

Chetan Industries Limited is a limited liability company incorporated on 21 December 1995. It is classified as a non-government company and is registered in the Chandigarh company register. Chetan Industries Limited’s business identification number is (CIN) U26941CH1995PLC017464 and its registration number is 17464.

The directors of Chetan Industries Limited are Vijay Singla, Mithan Lal Singla, Rakesh Garg, Chetan Singla, Preet Kamal Kaur Bhatia, Madan Mohan and Vikas Chander Verma.

3: Vijay Singla was appointed as a director of Mirage Infra Limited on 30 August, 2012.  

Mirage Infra Limited is a private limited company incorporated on 14 August 2008. It is classified as a non-government company and is registered in the Chandigarh company register. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 55,000,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs. 52,152,448. It deals with the Construction of complete buildings or parts of them; Civil engineering

The directors of Mirage Infra Limited are Vijay Singla, Madan Mohan, Chetan Singla. The company identification number of Mirage Infra Limited is (CIN) U45209CH2008PLC031322 and its registration number is 31322. The registered address of the company Mirage Infra Limited is SCO: 18-19 SECTOR- 28C Chandigarh CH 160002 IN.

Social Work: Vijay Singla is a businessman yet has an inclination towards the social work to uplift the environment around the society. He involved in many CCSR activities to sustain the balance between corporate, social, and governance. Along with some CSR activity he also conducted a Tree plantation drive near the Chandigarh railway station area.

Jozef Behr – Director Redfox Management (South Africa)

Jozef Clifford Behr is a director at Redfox Management of South Africa. The business management company is established on July 9, 2018. As a director of a business management company, Jozef Behr put all the efforts to take the organization and established four other entities under his supervision.

Those four entities include a firm trading in gasoline and minerals, a fuel rail network selling over 10 million litres of fuel a month, a logistical support organization facilitating trade movements in and around Zimbabwe, and a South African Trading Black Economic Empowerment company trading in petroleum.

Career Journey of Jozef Behr

Jozef Clifford Behr started his career in dealing for refineries in a minor capacity. He is promoted to trading development manager in the regional crude, diesel, gasoline heating, and oil trading department after nearly ten years of experience and specialisation in equivalent trade. After that, it was only logical for him to advance to his current position in more important responsibilities. Later on, in 2018, he become the director of Redfox Management Ltd in south Africa. While serving the directorship in Redfox Management, he also joins the Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited as non-executive director in 2019.

Role of Jozef Clifford Behr in Redfox Management

Redfox management company is a business management company that help their client to handle a certain pool of resource in exchange of a given fund. As a Director of Redfox management company Jozef Behr explains the vision of the company “In all we do, we promote transformation and inspire confidence. Every day, we push ourselves to provide customers, the public, and one another the best version of ourselves. We distinguish ourselves via our enthusiasm and pride, knowledge and curiosity, an inclusive culture, and a commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders.” Being in the company from 4 years Jozef Behr successfully help the organization to become the leading Management Consulting firm that helps organizations globalize their businesses, tackle organizational challenges & build institutional capability.

Alexander Zingman

Alexander Zingman was made Honorary Consul of Zimbabwe to the Republic of Belarus in January 2019. Alexander Zingman earned this prestige not because of having the right friends but because of his sheer commitment to furthering ties between two nations (i.e. Zimbabwe and Belarus) so close to his heart. At the ceremony to open the Honorary Consul in Minsk Belarus, Alexander Zingman said to President Emmerson Mnangagwa- “Your Excellency, we want to assure you that we will strengthen relations between our beautiful motherland Belarus, and your beautiful country Zimbabwe.”

Alexander Zingman Background

Alexander Zingman is a dual US and Belarus Citizen. Alexander Zingman is a veteran entrepreneur, based in Minsk (Belarus) and Dubai (UAE), who has worked hard to promote stronger Zimbabwe-Belarus bilateral ties, as well as relations with half a dozen sub-Saharan countries and Egypt. Alexander Zingman, a businessman has close links to Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko. He is a major shareholder of the Dubai-based AFTRADE DMCC, helped put together a $58m agriculture package deal in 2018 between Minsk Belarus and Harare Zimbabwe that is greatly improving Zimbabwe’s food security situation. According to a press release from the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Pretoria, South Africa dated June 25, 2020, Mr. Alexander Zingman reported that the multi-faceted trade agreement is revolutionizing Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector. He noted that the initial shipment of Belarus’s most advanced farm machinery arrived in Harare in 2019. That delivery included 20 harvesters for grain and maize, 100 tractors, and 52 seed drills. A second shipment was scheduled for December 2020. Minsk, through Belarus’ provided the long-term financing for the acquisition of the agricultural equipment.

Assisting Zimbabwe in getting deals from Belarus

Most Zimbabweans, farmers and those involved in the agriculture sector are not aware, but much of the help and assistance they have received is a result of deals signed with the Belarusian Government, with the help of Alexander Zingman. In March 2020, agreements were signed with the Belarusian Government to come to Zimbabwe and identify prime horticultural land for farming and exporting produce globally while capacitating local farmers.

Belarus is investing in local agro-processing, crop and livestock production, input supply and local manufacturing of farm mechanization and irrigation equipment. Apart from engaging in farming, the Belarusians will also enter into joint ventures with local farmers, after the authorities realized that most black farmers who benefited from the 2000 fast-track land reform programme had failed to produce enough for our country, now considered one of the most food insecure nations, according to the World Food Programme.

alexander zingmanHarare to Minsk Diamond Heist Alexander Zingman

Between 2006 and 2016, the share of African gold in the UAE’s reported gold imports increased from 18 percent to nearly 50 percent. The UAE reported gold imports from 46 African countries for 2016 at a total rate of US$7.4 billion worth of gold, while trading in gold accounts for nearly one-fifth of UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The UAE’s main commodity marketplace is the Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC) and its head of commodities Sanjeev Duttta said in January 2020 that they were building strategic relationships with most gold-producing countries on the African continent.

Even though the high level of instability and shady business, some borderline investors have been drawn to the opportunities embodied in Zimbabwe as a vast free trade area. The most prominent of them is Alexander Zingman who holds both Belarusian and American citizenship. Zingman close ties with the Zimbabwean and Belarusian top political elites. Smart Jet Aviation Flight records show that Zingman hosted Emmerson and Leya Mnangagwa on his M-ABEC private jet in July 2018.

According to open source media, Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior was a guest at Alexander Zingman Chic Restaurant, Falcone, in Minsk Belarus. Although Alexander Zingman attempt to remain under the radar, Social Media photographs expose his presence in many acute cooperation milestones between Zimbabwe and Belarus between 2017 and 2019. First, Alexander Zingman attended the March 2018 summit in which Belarus Chief of Presidential Affairs, Victor Sheiman, and President Mnangagwa signed $68 million worth of deals across various economic sectors.

Mr. Alexander Zingman was spotted again on the September 2018 visit of Sheiman to Mnangagwa’s residency to discuss previously signed deals. Alexander Zingman and Sheiman met with Winston Chitando, the then Energy and Power Development Minister Jorum Gumbo, and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mangudya. A year later, a video uploaded by ZBC News revealed that Alexander Zingman took part in the creation of the joint venture to create a Zimbabwean-Belarusian transport company for the delivery of goods from Zimbabwe to Mozambique.

Ali Sami Farooq says NextJS is Incremental Static Regeneration

Ali Sami Farooq says that how developers approach new web applications has changed by Next.Js. For many years, dynamic sites would use variations of server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side rendering (CSR) for dynamic data in their applications. SSR performed well as developers were able to generate HTML before actually passing it onto the browser which was easily crawl-able by search engines. CSR was also amazing as it helped in reducing the initial payload time and bandwidth usage by lazy loading elements.

Static pages are faster than pages that are rendered when a request actually comes in. However, if your data changes continuously, static pages could be a hassle to update. Updating your site every-time a blogger writes a new blog for your website could be a painful process. However, Next.js solved this issue with incremental static regeneration.

With incremental static regeneration, all your pages are pre-rendered at build time and a static package is generated. That’s not all though. Incremental static regeneration keeps track of any changes in data that might be occurring in your backend (CMS / API / any data source). As the data changes, incremental static regeneration triggers a re-build for that specific page and continues to serve the existing static page. Once the rebuild is complete, the freshly generated page is served to the users!ali sami farooq

This technique helps lower your server costs as you could use static storage like AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage to serve your application.

When to use incremental static regeneration?

This technique works exceptionally well when you need to serve the same data to all users of the application e.g. a blog, a landing page, pricing pages, etc. where the data might change but changes consistently for all users. It beats the load times of plain React applications and server-side rendering applications (IF implemented correctly)!

However, in most real-world applications, you would probably be using static regeneration, client-side rendering, and server-side rendering in combination. Despite the countless benefits of incremental static regeneration, it is not a replacement for CSR and SSR and there are countless use-cases where you want to use those or use the three techniques in a combination.

~Ali Sami Farooq

Darik Elwan

darik elwanDarik Elwan founded Edelos FZC-LLC in 2018 and serves as its Managing Partner/General Manager. Darik Elwan’s Edelos properties are committed to scenic, lively, premium locations. Whether in the casually urban Athens Riviera, Italy’s gastronomic capital of Bologna, or the breathtaking islands of Antiparos, Santorini, and Corfu, Edelos properties are tailored to enhance the quality of life and the beauty of their surroundings.

Mr. Elwan serves as a Director of Elwan Group Limited, based in Dubai since 2006. Darik Elwan is the co-founder and former Managing Principal of Elwan Group’s subsidiary, ICG Properties, and has been instrumental in directing the firm’s broad-ranging development activities in the United States and the UAE. He was responsible for ICG Properties LLC’s overall strategy and its investment and development activities, including 900 16th Street NW, the Capella Georgetown (now the Rosewood Washington, D.C.), Bancroft & Phelps row homes in Dupont Circle, and the Gallup Building at 901 F Street NW.

Darik Elwan has more than 26 years’ experience in developing, financing, and managing real estate projects, including project financing, private partnerships, and private equity arrangements, as complex lease and general contract negotiations.

Darik Elwan holds a Master’s Degree (Executive M.B.A) from the London Business School and an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University. Darik Elwan holds a B.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Greenply Orders from Dieffenbacher Again: Shobhan Mittal

The MDF Line with the Longest Press in Asia

Indian wood-based panel manufacturer Greenply Industries Limited has remained loyal to Dieffenbacher as its equipment supplier, choosing to order its second MDF line in December 2015. Thanks to the Greenply order, Dieffenbacher has been able to consolidate its leading position in the Indian market. Greenply has been successfully operating an MDF line from Dieffenbacher since 2009. The new line, which has a capacity of 1300 m³ per day, is being set up in the Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southeast India.

shobhan mittal and tilman helmer
Shobhan Mittal Greenply Industries, Joint Managing Director and CEO and Tilman Helmer, Area Sales Manager for Dieffenbacher during the signing of the contract.

The line will be used to manufacture HDF/MDF boards with a thickness ranging from 2.5 mm to 40 mm and a variable width of 1830 mm to 2440 mm. Fast-growing types of wood such as eucalyptus are generally used as the raw material. Production with the new line is scheduled to begin in autumn 2017. “In our opinion, Dieffenbacher offers the best technology for processing eucalyptus wood. And due to our positive experience with the first project, selecting anyone other than Dieffenbacher to supply a modern and efficient machine was out of the question”, says Shobhan Mittal, Joint MD and CEO of Greenply Industries Limited about the company’s decision.

The delivery scope includes a fiber dryer and two SGF sifters, a gluing system, a forming station that includes a scalper with a correction module and a forming line, a CPS 265 – 56 continuous press, a finishing line with two Lukki storage systems, diagonal, trimming and splitting saws, a sanding line and an exhaust system. At 56 meters long, this CPS is the longest continuous press ever sold in Asia.

Shobhan Mittal – CEO of Greenply Industries Limited

As CEO of Greenply Industries Limited (GIL), Shobhan Mittal does a dream of supplying supportable inside framework items to purchasers in India and around the globe. He deals with the creation of flooring and decorative materials at five plants all Shobhan Mittal CEO Greenplythrough the nation and influences this sweeping nearness to bolster the auspicious conveyance of requests. Focused on consumer loyalty, Mr. Shobhan Mittal has guaranteed that the organization maintains wellbeing and security accreditations and best business practices, and his endeavors have gathered grants from Inc. India 500.

Shobhan Mittal as of late reported that GIL will shape organizations with 500 new merchants throughout the following two years, adding to the more than 10,000 organizations and retailers with which he has effectively associated. His goal is to position his firm for the future, as well as to upgrade the general economy in India, both locally and as middle for worldwide business.

Far from the workplace, Shobhan Mittal ventures frequently; his most loved destinations incorporate the Philippines and Thailand. He appreciates watching motion pictures too, and he nearly takes after advances in the varying media innovation area.

Shobhan Mittal with Greenply

As CEO of Greenply Industries Ltd., Shobhan Mittal directs India’s largest interior infrastructure company. The New Delhi-headquartered firm claims nearly one-third of the total market share of plywood and medium density fibreboard products nationwide. Maintaining nearly 50 branch locations across the country, the firm is on a strong growth trajectory and has achieved significant revenue and profitability increases. Shobhan Mittal oversees a full range of human resources and IT operations, and holds a leadership role with the engineered panels division.

Shobhan MittalMr. Shobhan Mittal’s focus is on the medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood businesses, which he views as offering excellent growth potential. As a result, he separated the decorative business, which includes laminates, from MDF and fibreboard operations.

Mr. Mittal’s firm has a commitment to the communities it serves. It supports a number of local environmental projects and promotes overall eco-awareness. Greenply Industries also operates the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme, which provides dedicated assistance to girls in underserved rural areas of the country. Another forward-facing initiative is the Rural Mother and Child Health and Hygiene Programme. Shobhan Mittal enjoys activities such as tennis and squash in his free time.