Peter Virdee- About

Prof. Peter Virdee was born in 1973. His parenting was done in Birmingham, UK in a middle-class Sikh family. He is always dedicated to the religious belief that led him towards Philanthropy work.  

Peter Virdee believes that “There is a big difference between “needs” and “wants”. If one gets more than their needs, then loses sight of their ambitions. My parents always made sure I never got an excess of anything. I always got what I really needed, but not necessarily all that I wanted, which I’m sure is the case for all youngsters – ones ‘wish list’ never ends” 

He serves as the first Sikh on the board of the English National Opera and the Coutts & Co. philanthropy committee. He is the one to follow his heart because he serves as an advisory board member for Nottingham Business School and a visiting professor at Manchester University. 

Prof. Peter Virdee has channeled his enthusiasm towards the nonprofit world. The 2011-founded Virdee Foundation was created with the intention of addressing the needs of women and children who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing mental, physical, or sexual abuse. One of the most gender-neutral faiths in the world is Sikhism. The objectives of the organizations Prof. Peter supports are quite obvious in this respect, but his basic precept in this area is to improve everyone’s life.