Eike  Batista
Eike Batista

He is the Chairman and CEO of the Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group. Batista made his fortune from mining and oil and gas exploration. He is considered to be the richest man in Brazil.

Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes

Full Name       :          Elizabeth Anne Holmes

Born                :          3rd – Feb – 1984

Zodiac Sign     :          Aquarius

Birth Place      :          Washington DC

Country           :          USA

Education       :          Stanford University California

Occupation     :          CEO, Entrepreneur

Industry          :          Technology

Net worth       :          $4.5 Billion

Every generation boasts of some elite entrepreneurs that have rocketed to the heights of success, beyond belief. However, among those people, there are a few who have dedicated their success to some social cause and for the betterment of the society. A businesswoman, medical genius and Stanford College dropout are some of the titles that describe the entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, who has joined the list of Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others. But her success wasn’t an overnight work; rather she had spent a crucial part of her life to achieve this.
Early life:
Holmes has been a genius from the start and learnt Mandarin language during her high schooling, alongside selling C compilers to some Chinese Universities. She studied chemical engineering at Stanford and filed her first patent during her studies. After this, she started working on SARS Virus, for which, she travelled to Singapore. However, she dropped out after her sophomore year and pursued towards the achievement of her dream to establish personalized medicine.
Holmes developed a wearable patch to monitor blood of the patients for the adjustment of medicine dosages, which was merged with a cell phone chip. Followed by this, out of her eagerness to realize her ideas, she shared her capitalist dreams with Professor Robertson, when she was just 19. The professor got impressed by her focus and ideas as well as served as the director for her firm, while her parents allowed her to use the funds for her tuition fee. This support led her to the billion-dollar Theranos that made the formation of Real-Time cures possible.

The minute you have a back-up plan, you’ve admitted you’re not going to succeed – Elizabeth  Holmes

This was not easy for her, as she had a fear of needles for long, but she actually turned it into her reason to achieve success.While an entrepreneur cannot wait to get into the limelight and spread their idea into the news to attract more buyers and investors, Holmes worked in the opposite direction. She invested 11 years of her life towards the development of a technology for blood-tests and diagnosis, wherein she targeted the use of a single drop for the purpose, taken through an effortless finger prick.
The last evolution in this regard took place in the 1960s, but Holmes discovered a unique way that had a potential to shake the whole industry. She remained an unknown personality virtually, until Forbes listed it in their list ’40 under 40’. Another reason believed to be behind this stealth approach is that she wanted to create a completely fresh market, before allowing her competitors to catch up. She gave up all the fun of this selfie age, breaking the internet, following YouTube stars and focused on her business for a social cause. This is what made Elizabeth, the ‘youngest self-made female billionaire’ of the world.
2015 – Horatio Alger


Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Full Name       :          Elon Reeve Musk

Born                :          28th- Jun – 1971

Zodiac Sign     :          Cancer

Height             :          181 CMS (5 Feet 11 Inches)

Birth Place      :          Pretoria, Gauteng

Country                       :          South Africa

Education       :          Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pretoria Boys High School Brooklyn, Queen’s University Kingston, Stanford University California

Occupation     :          Entrepreneur, CEO, Engineer

Industry          :          Technology, Business, Automobile

Net worth       :          $11.9 Billion
Early Life
When talent and dedication come together, the result is Elon Musk. Never one to rest on his laurels, Musk has moved from achievement to other all the time, bringing to the world a fresh idea or invention. Born in South Africa, Musk’s father was a mechanical engineer and his mother was a popular model. Musk began his entrepreneurial ventures very young – at age ten, he bought his first computer. He learned computer programming on his own and by the age of twelve, had created a game called Blaster which he sold for US$500.

Musk felt that it would be easier to immigrate to the United States from Canada than from South Africa. So, in 1989, he took admission to Queen’s University in Canada while seventeen. In 1992, Musk transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. After earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, he pursued a second undergraduate degree in physics. The thirst for knowledge was inborn in Musk, something that is not often seen in people.
Not content with two undergraduate degrees, Musk moved to California to pursue a PhD in energy physics at Stanford University. However, he quit after only 2 days at the program to become a part of the Internet boom. His first company, Zip2 Corporation, was an online city guide that provided information for the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Musk became a multimillionaire in his late 20s by selling Zip2 to Compaq Computers for US$ 307 million cash and US$ 34 million as stock options.He moved on to co-establish an online payments company called X.com, which later became as PayPal. Musk owned 11% of the company’s stock. In 2002, eBay acquired PayPal for US$ 1.5 billion in stock.

“Great companies are built on great products”- Elon Reeve Musk

Next on his agenda came a commercial space travel company called SpaceX. NASA gave the company a US$ 1.6 billion contract to supply the International Space Station. In 2015, SpaceX was able to raise US$ 1 billion by roping in new investors like Fidelity and Google. This made the value of the company a little over US$ 10 billion.
Musk had more on his plate – Tesla Motors, a luxury electric car maker, which he co-founded in 2003, raised US$ 226 million by launching its initial public offering in 2010. He established the Musk Foundation that supports space exploration and the discovery of renewable energy sources. Musk is also the owner of Solar City, a solar panel designer and installer.The slew of inventions show no sign of stopping. Musk’s new concept of transportation, known as “The Hyperloop” was released in 2013. According to this concept, travel between major cities would happen at speeds above 700 miles per hour.Musk estimates that the Hyperloop will take from 7-10 years to be built and ready for use.Naturally, his ambitious project has met with skepticism. But, Musk being Musk, we will only have to wait and watch!
2015 – Entrepreneur of the Year, IEEE Honorary Membership

2014 – World Technology

2012 – Royal Aeronautical Societys, Smithsonian magazines American Ingenuity

2008 – National Conservation Achievement

Ernesto Bertarelli
Ernesto Bertarelli

He was the CEO of Serono, a company that was initially engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. He inherited the company from his father, who founded the company. He then started to focus on biotechnology, allowing the company to more than triple its profits in just 10 years. The company has since merged with Merck. He still handles Ares Life Sciences, a medical technology investment company.

Evan G. Greenberg
Evan G. Greenberg

Evan Greenberg (born 1955) is an American business executive. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Zurich based insurance company Chubb Limited (formely ACE Limited). He also serves as Chairman of the US-ASEAN Business Council.

Early life and education:

Greenberg is the son of Corinne Phyllis Zuckerman and Maurice R. Greenberg the former chairman and CEO of American International Group (AIG). He is also the younger brother of the former CEO of Marsh & McLennan, Jeffrey W. Greenberg.

Evan Greenberg attended New York University and College of Insurance but did not graduate from either.


Greenberg joined AIG in 1975 and worked under his father for 25 years. He held a number of senior management positions, including president and CEO of AIU Holdings, AIG’s foreign insurance organization, as well as CEO of AIG Far East, where he was based in Japan and Korea. Between 1997 and 2000 he served as AIG’s president and chief operating officer. He was considered to be the heir apparent to take over as CEO, but left the company in 2000 and joined ACE in November 2001 as its vice chairman. He became the CEO of ACE in 2004. In the 2008 financial crisis, he was among the CEOs refusing to take part in a tax-payer funded bailout. In February 2011, it was announced that Greenberg was named as a director of The Coca-Cola Company.

Greenberg also serves on the board of the National Committee on United States-China Relations, as well as the US China Business Council. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for the National Interest, as well as the Business Roundtable. Additionally, he is an overseer of the International Rescue Committee.

Evan Spiegel
Evan Spiegel

Full Name       :          Evan Thomas Spiegel

Born                :          4th – Jun – 1990

Zodiac Sign     :          Gemini

Birth Place      :          Los Angeles, California

Country           :          USA

Education       :          Stanford University California

Occupation     :          Co-Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur

Industry          :          Technology

Net worth       :          $1.5 Billion

The man known behind the creation of the popular mobile application, Snapchat, is an American entrepreneur and is the CEO and Co-founder of the app. Evan Thomas Speigel, commonly known by the name Evan Spiegel, has led a luxurious life with both parents, John W. Spiegel and Melissa Ann Thomas, as lawyers. However, Snapchat was not his first project, but it followed several failures and developments that paved his way towards success.
Early Life:
Similar to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Evan had a privileged life and was a similar nerd with a technology refuge and got his 1st computer in his 6th grade. Moreover, he also conducted experiments with Photoshop during his school time and used to spend his free weekends at the art lab of a local high school. He also worked for the promotion of Red Bull at bars and clubs, when he was in his high school.

After finishing his school, he entered Stanford University in a product design program and then into the Kappa Sigma fraternity, where he met the co-founder, Bobby Murphy. Spiegel was hired by Murphy for the job of designing an online social network, taking an inspiration from the Google Circles, but it failed. However, it earned recognition for Evan, who was perceived by Scott Cook in a guest lecture, followed by a job offer for txtWeb, a project meant to broadcast information from web over text messages.

He developed his first project with Murphy, Future Freshman, which was online software aimed to help in the management of college admissions by counselors, parents and high schoolers. Although it started well, yet couldn’t continue for long and then, fate knocked at their door, which was a good-welcomed opportunity by him. Reggie Brown, another one from the fraternity house, approached Evan to discuss his desire of deleting an image permanently from the web, which he once shared.
Evan and Murphy developed the basic idea of Snapchat and started working on its development with Brown. Initially, it was named Picaboo, as suggested by Brown, but couldn’t attract any investors’ support. However, due to some flaws and the idea that why one would share an image that disappears led to the downfall for the group.

There is real value in sharing moments that don’t live forever. – Evan Spiegel

Brown decided to part his ways and asked for 30% share along with the listing of his contributions with the same. Additionally, the original name was dropped, followed by a cease & desist letter from a company that used the same name.

So, Murphy and Spiegel decided to cut out Brown from the administration and renamed the project to Snapchat with the introduction of few more features. After this, it started attracting some response from young users and eventually, grew into a million dollar company, through many advancements and developments.
2015 – Eddy

2013 – Crunchies Best Mobile Application

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

He is a member of the wealthy Rothschild clan. He has his own holding company called E.L. Rothschild. He was chairman of Rothschild Holdings AG and co-chairman of Rothschild Bank AG. He used to be a director of De Beers Consolidated Mines and of IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited. He was also part of the board of the Daily Telegraph. He serves as the financial advisor of Queen Elizabeth II.