Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel
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Full Name       :          Evan Thomas Spiegel

Born                :          4th - Jun - 1990

Zodiac Sign     :          Gemini

Birth Place      :          Los Angeles, California

Country           :          USA

Education       :          Stanford University California

Occupation     :          Co-Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur

Industry          :          Technology

Net worth       :          $1.5 Billion

The man known behind the creation of the popular mobile application, Snapchat, is an American entrepreneur and is the CEO and Co-founder of the app. Evan Thomas Speigel, commonly known by the name Evan Spiegel, has led a luxurious life with both parents, John W. Spiegel and Melissa Ann Thomas, as lawyers. However, Snapchat was not his first project, but it followed several failures and developments that paved his way towards success.
Early Life:
Similar to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Evan had a privileged life and was a similar nerd with a technology refuge and got his 1st computer in his 6th grade. Moreover, he also conducted experiments with Photoshop during his school time and used to spend his free weekends at the art lab of a local high school. He also worked for the promotion of Red Bull at bars and clubs, when he was in his high school.

After finishing his school, he entered Stanford University in a product design program and then into the Kappa Sigma fraternity, where he met the co-founder, Bobby Murphy. Spiegel was hired by Murphy for the job of designing an online social network, taking an inspiration from the Google Circles, but it failed. However, it earned recognition for Evan, who was perceived by Scott Cook in a guest lecture, followed by a job offer for txtWeb, a project meant to broadcast information from web over text messages.

He developed his first project with Murphy, Future Freshman, which was online software aimed to help in the management of college admissions by counselors, parents and high schoolers. Although it started well, yet couldn’t continue for long and then, fate knocked at their door, which was a good-welcomed opportunity by him. Reggie Brown, another one from the fraternity house, approached Evan to discuss his desire of deleting an image permanently from the web, which he once shared.
Evan and Murphy developed the basic idea of Snapchat and started working on its development with Brown. Initially, it was named Picaboo, as suggested by Brown, but couldn’t attract any investors’ support. However, due to some flaws and the idea that why one would share an image that disappears led to the downfall for the group.

There is real value in sharing moments that don't live forever. - Evan Spiegel

Brown decided to part his ways and asked for 30% share along with the listing of his contributions with the same. Additionally, the original name was dropped, followed by a cease & desist letter from a company that used the same name.

So, Murphy and Spiegel decided to cut out Brown from the administration and renamed the project to Snapchat with the introduction of few more features. After this, it started attracting some response from young users and eventually, grew into a million dollar company, through many advancements and developments.
2015 – Eddy

2013 - Crunchies Best Mobile Application

Evan Spiegel
Business Name
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Evan Thomas Spiegel was born into the world in 4rth June, 1990 in Los Angeles, California to attorneys John W. Spiegel and Melissa Ann Thomas. He spented childhood in Pacific Palisades, California, where he was raised Episcopalian. He was taught at the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, and went to Stanford University. Spiegel took configuration classes at the Otis College of Art and Design while still in secondary school and at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena the late spring prior to entering Stanford. He additionally had a neglected temporary job in deals at Red Bull. Spiegel is an individual from the Kappa Sigma society. He is an American finance manager who is the fellow benefactor and CEO of the American online media organization Snap Inc., which he made (as Snapchat Inc.) with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown while they were understudies at Stanford University. Spiegel was the most youthful extremely rich person on the planet in 2015.

Spiegel started dating Australian model Miranda Kerr in 2015. They got drawn in on July 20, 2016. They wedded in a private service in Los Angeles on May 27, 2017. Simply a month prior to Spiegel's commitment to Kerr, he bought a 7,164 square foot, $12 million house that was recently possessed by Harrison Ford. In November 2017, Kerr reported that she and Spiegel were anticipating their first youngster. On May 7, 2018, Miranda brought forth their child Hart Kerr Spiegel, named after Spiegel's granddad. In March 2019, the couple reported that they are expecting their second youngster together, Kerr's third. In October 2019, Kerr brought forth Myles Spiegel. Starting at 2016, Spiegel was positioned at number 854 on the Forbes 400 with $4 billion in riches. In 2017, Spiegel got one of the most youthful public organization CEOs at age 26 when Snap started exchanging March. Spiegel is additionally an individual from the Berggruen Institute's 21st Century Council. In 2018, he and his child Hart got French citizenship through a statement in the naturalization laws that postpones French residency prerequisites for candidates that add to the French culture or economy.

In April 2011, while examining item plan at Stanford, Spiegel proposed an application with transient informing as an item configuration class project, a thought which his schoolmates scorned. Sometime thereafter, Spiegel worked with individual Stanford cohorts Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown to dispatch a model of this idea called "Picaboo", which they later renamed as Snapchat. The application's prominence developed fundamentally and in 2012, Evan left Stanford to zero in on Snapchat in a matter of seconds prior to finishing his certification. Before the finish of 2012, Spiegel's Snapchat application had arrived at 1 million every day dynamic clients. In February 2017, Spiegel and Murphy vowed to give as much as 13,000,000 portions of Class A typical stock throughout the following 15–20 years to an expressions, instruction and youth non-benefit. They have made the Snap Foundation which is a non-benefit association focused on to help there. Their main goal is to "foster pathways to the imaginative economy for underrepresented adolescents in Los Angeles." Recently they have given $3 million to individuals influenced by COVID-19. In January 2017 The Wall Street Journal detailed that after the anticipated March 2017 IPO for Snap Inc., Murphy and Evan Spiegel would hold more than "70% of the democratic force" in the organization, and own around 45% of the complete stock. On July 19, 2018, Spiegel uncovered to "Stay Tuned", NBC News' show on Snapchat that he finished his certification prerequisites and moved on from Stanford in 2018. He noticed that his child, Hart Kerr Spiegel, was his inspiration to finish his university instruction so he can rouse his child to move on from school also.

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