Ronish Baxter – Life of an Entrepreneur

Ronish Baxter is an Indian entrepreneur and also the CEO of Suncom Infotech. He hails from New Delhi, India and has been associated with this organization for more than 6 years. Prior to joining this company, he has been associated with some renowned cloud computing companies and has had a quite successful career in terms of both success and achievement.

Growing up in New Delhi, Ronish Baxter completed his schooling from the Shri Ram School and was even the captain of his school cricket team. From a very young age, he showed interest towards entrepreneurship and was always a very bright boy as told by his teachers. Baxter completed his business management studies from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s College of Business. After completing his studies, he left for India and started his entrepreneurial journey.

Since Ronish Baxter present company is associated with IT Consulting, Managed IT & Security Services and Interactive Services for organizations in the enterprise and government sectors therefore he has to always be at par with the latest developments in the industry. Ronish Baxter feels that the industry has changed substantially over the years and the way it is advancing at this stage, there will be a time when India will be recognized as one of the global leaders in terms of technology innovation and new growth strategies.

When it comes to his family, Ronish Baxter has grown up in a very strict and disciplined environment since his father Glen Baxter was posted in the Indian army. His mother was a teacher. Ronish gives credit to his success to such an upbringing which helped him to understand what’s really important in life and focus on the job at hand. He is presently married and has two daughters.

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