Jozef Behr – Director Redfox Management (South Africa)

Jozef Clifford Behr is a director at Redfox Management of South Africa. The business management company is established on July 9, 2018. As a director of a business management company, Jozef Behr put all the efforts to take the organization and established four other entities under his supervision.

Those four entities include a firm trading in gasoline and minerals, a fuel rail network selling over 10 million litres of fuel a month, a logistical support organization facilitating trade movements in and around Zimbabwe, and a South African Trading Black Economic Empowerment company trading in petroleum.

Career Journey of Jozef Behr

Jozef Clifford Behr started his career in dealing for refineries in a minor capacity. He is promoted to trading development manager in the regional crude, diesel, gasoline heating, and oil trading department after nearly ten years of experience and specialisation in equivalent trade. After that, it was only logical for him to advance to his current position in more important responsibilities. Later on, in 2018, he become the director of Redfox Management Ltd in south Africa. While serving the directorship in Redfox Management, he also joins the Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited as non-executive director in 2019.

Role of Jozef Clifford Behr in Redfox Management

Redfox management company is a business management company that help their client to handle a certain pool of resource in exchange of a given fund. As a Director of Redfox management company Jozef Behr explains the vision of the company “In all we do, we promote transformation and inspire confidence. Every day, we push ourselves to provide customers, the public, and one another the best version of ourselves. We distinguish ourselves via our enthusiasm and pride, knowledge and curiosity, an inclusive culture, and a commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders.” Being in the company from 4 years Jozef Behr successfully help the organization to become the leading Management Consulting firm that helps organizations globalize their businesses, tackle organizational challenges & build institutional capability.