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Yang Yuanqing was born in 12 November 1964 to parents both educated as surgeons. He is a Chinese business chief and humanitarian he is the current executive and CEO of Lenovo. Yang was granted awarded the May Fourth Youth Medal, by the All-China Youth Federation in 1999. In 1999 and 2001, the magazine BusinessWeek named him one of the "Stars of Asia." In 2004, he was recorded among "Asia's 25 Most Influential Business Leaders" by Fortune Asia. Yang was named "2007 Chinese Business Leader" by Fortune China. In 2008, Forbes Asia named Yang "Money manager of the Year." In 2011, Finance Asia named Yang the "Best CEO in China."

They were born to they parents was both educated as doctors and surgeons. He spent his youth in Hefei in Anhui territory. He grew up poor, as his folks were paid similar pay rates as unskilled workers. Yang's folks persevered through rehashed mistreatment during the Cultural Revolution. Yang's dad, Yang Furong, was a focused man with severe principles. Yang said of his dad, "In the event that he set an objective, regardless of what occurred, he needed to arrive at it." While his folks needed him to seek after a career in medication, and he had a maturing interest in writing, Yang chose to consider software engineering on the exhortation of a family companion who was a college teacher. Yang acquired a college degree in software engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1986 and graduated with a graduate degree from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1988.

Yang recognized a paper promotion for occupations at Lenovo while in Beijing performing research for his graduate degree. Yang had at first moved toward turning into a college teacher however faced a challenge and acknowledged a situation with Lenovo in deals. He was paid what could be compared to US$30 each month. In 1989, Yang joined Legend, as Lenovo was then known, at 25 years old. He was immediately advanced. Yang made a trip to meet wholesalers all through China and utilized his specialized information to accomplish a solid deals record. Yang additionally stood apart at Lenovo for being a peaceful, profound scholar. Yang's first significant undertaking task at Lenovo was to compose an offered to turn into an IBM affiliate. In the wake of presenting his bid, Yang found that he had provided double the cost estimate of his rivals. In April 2015, Yang required all individuals from Lenovo's media group to be dynamic on no less than one online media outlet. Yang is a functioning client of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Sina Weibo. Yang urges his group to discuss their own lives via web-based media. He said, "I can't simply advance a Lenovo item consistently. I need to get individuals intrigued first and afterward discover the chance to advance it once in for a little while." Yang is regularly alluded to as "YY" by his partners at Lenovo.


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