Sanjeev Nanda – Life of a Business Tycoon

Born into a well-known family in the year 1978, Sanjeev Nanda is Admiral Nanda’s grandson. An eminent personality in the business world, Sanjeev is a man with a clam and warm smile with a modest nature. A spectacular entrepreneur, his thirst for knowledge and the capacity to withstand to challenges in diversity is what makes him stand apart from others.

sanjeev-nandaHis life started out in New Delhi, India where he completed his schooling. Sonali is the older sister of Sanjeev Nanda who he is very much fond of. Also, he holds his childhood relationships in very high regard. He holds friendship ties with high regard which can be gauged from the fact that his elder sister is married to a friend of his from childhood days.

sanjeev-nandaWhen it comes to school, Sanjeev Nanda was more than an average student and he had a passion for tennis. Before being injured in the knee, he used to represent a tennis academy in various tournaments. After finishing his schooling, he decided to go abroad to complete his college degree for which US and UK where his preferred destinations. Though while applying, he decided to apply to well- established colleges in the US as well. After completing his B. Sc in economics, he applied for a dual degree in Economics and Finance which he successfully completed. Continue reading “Sanjeev Nanda – Life of a Business Tycoon”