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Judith "Judy" R. Faulkner was born into the world in August 1943 to Louis and Del Greenfield. He is an American extremely rich person, and the CEO and organizer of Epic Systems, a medical services programming organization situated in Wisconsin. Faulkner established Epic Systems in 1979, with the first name of Human Services Computing. In 2013, Forbes called her "the most influential lady in medical services", and on the magazine's 2021 rundown of the world's tycoons she was positioned #451 and, as one of the richest independent ladies, she had a total assets of US$6.2 billion. Faulkner, a software engineer herself, has kept on filling in as the CEO of the $3.3 billion organization subsequent to establishing America's driving clinical record programming supplier, Epic, in a Wisconsin cellar with 1/2 representatives. Since the organization was established, the mission "to assist individuals with getting, assist with peopling stay well, and assist people in the future with being better" has remained something very similar. Epic as of now upholds the clinical records of 250 million patients in the United states, or around 66% of the nation's populace.

Faulkner's folks enlivened her initial interest in medical services; her dad, Louis, was a drug specialist and her mom, Del, was the overseer of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility. She was brought up in the Erlton neighborhood of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and moved on from Moorestown Friends School in 1961. Faulkner lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She is hitched to Dr. Gordon Faulkner, a pediatrician. They have three youngsters. Starting at 2021, with a couple of more years until Faulkner turns 80 years of age, she has said that she has no designs to resign. There has been no naming of a replacement and none of her three youngsters work at Epic. Faulkner chose to part her stock into casting a ballot shares so they couldn't be sold, and they have gone into a trust that is constrained by her relatives and representatives. The nonvoting offers will be left to the Roots and Wings establishment that was set up with her better half, Gordon. Roots and Wings finances her inclinations in kid mental health and criminal equity change. In 2015, Faulkner marked The Giving Pledge, submitting 99% of her resources for charity.

In 1979, soon after accepting her graduate degree, Faulkner helped to establish Human Services Computing, with Dr. John Greist. Human Services Computing, which later became Epic Systems, started in a storm cellar at 2020 University Avenue in Madison, WI. The organization was begun with a $70,000 speculation from loved ones. She had around six or seven different teammates. Anyway from the earliest starting point, it was for the most part just Faulkner, with the organization being her thought and her filling in as its first president. She composed the entirety of the first code on a Data General Eclipse 16-digit minicomputer which was the size of a cooler. Following a couple of years, Greist ventured down from Epic's board in 1983, as yet clutching a few offers, because of a conflict with Faulkner over the course of Epic Systems. Greist was keen on getting funding to construct quicker. Notwithstanding, Faulkner was against this thought since then they would let completely go. Epic had a lethargic however consistent development. The organization added charging programming in the last part of the 1980s and received realistic UI for outpatient centers during the 1990s. The organization's greatest arrangement was in 2004, with the three-year project with Kaiser Permanente costing $4 billion. Epic has never taken speculation from investment or private value and stays a secretly held organization. Truth be told, Faulkner highly esteems the way that Epic is local; they have never procured another organization and Faulkner has expressed they won't ever open up to the world. Epic Systems presently holds the clinical records of more than 200 million individuals. Faulkner and her family as of now own 43% of Epic Systems.