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Brian L. Roberts was born in June 28, 1959 into a Jewish family in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. The child of Ralph J. Roberts, the organizer of Comcast Corporation, and Suzanne, a previous entertainer and writer. He is an American very rich person businessman, and the director and (CEO) of Comcast, an American organization giving cable, entertainment, and correspondences items and services.

In 2010, Roberts introduced his mom, alongside his sibling Douglas and his dad, Women's Image Network Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Roberts and his wife, Aileen Kennedy Roberts, live in Philadelphia and have three kids, Sarah, Tucker and Amanda. Aileen is the head of the Barnes Foundation. Roberts claims a 48 ft sloop and a 65 ft sloop, both planned by Sparkman and Stephens and named Aileen after his wife, which he sails while an vacation in his seasonal home on Martha's Vineyard.

He was named President of Comcast Corporation in 1990 at just 31 years old when the organization had $657 million in yearly income. Comcast Corporation's yearly income has since developed to $94.5 billion. In 2016, Roberts got US$28.6 million in compensation, and in 2020, his total assets was US$1.7 billion. Roberts is administrator of the governing body of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), and a previous financier. In 2000, Roberts procured AT&T Broadband for $53.2 billion in stock and accepted obligation. "The arrangement permitted Comcast to turn into the biggest link administrator on the planet." In 2009, NBCUniversal was likewise procured by Comcast.

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